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11% are under-employed

6 September 2021
When someone's out of work, simply finding a job can look like the answer to (a lot of) their problems. But what if that job doesn't give them the hours they need? Part-time jobs suit some people just fine - but there are over three million others looking to work more hours. ... read more »

67% of British teens worry about getting into debt

23 July 2021
More than two thirds (67%) of teenagers in the UK are anxious about getting into debt, according to a study recently carried out by Young Enterprise and Opinium Research.... read more »

UK jobless 'could hit 3 million by end of 2021'

9 July 2021
A report, released today by KPMG and the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC), has found that last month, the number of people in permanent employment fell at the steepest rate for three years, The Telegraph reports. ... read more »

Minimum wage should be raised say Oxfam

5 July 2021
The 'Perfect Storm' report by Oxfam claims that working is not necessarily a way out of poverty and that debt is a 'major concern'. Read more here.... read more »

What is mortgage protection?

27 June 2021
If you become unable to work through illness, accident or involuntary unemployment, mortgage protection insurance could help you with your payments.... read more »

7m UK adults living in 'extreme financial stress'

19 June 2021
Some 7 million working adults in the UK are living on a financial 'cliff edge', despite being unable to claim state support, according to a study of employed households' finances commissioned by the Guardian. ... read more »

Consumers continue to feel spending power squeeze

18 June 2021
According to research by Lloyds TSB, discretionary spending power dropped by 0.3% in May, as real incomes continued to feel the pinch in the current climate. This means the average person has almost 34 a month less to spend on non-essentials than a year ago. ... read more »

British people working past retirement age 'almost doubled over last 20 years'

14 June 2021
The Financial Times reports that the number of people in Britain working past retirement age has nearly doubled over the last 20 years. This can be attributed to a number of factors - from wanting to remain in the workplace to trying to clear debts. ... read more »

40 ways to make extra money in your spare time

29 May 2021
Here are 40 tips you may not have thought of which could help put some extra money in your pocket.... read more »

17 days' salary 'needed to keep up with debts'

29 May 2021
Research from Bright Grey's Financial Safety Net report has revealed that Britons must spend 17 days' worth of salary to pay off their debts, which average out at almost 1,500 - nearly 50% more than the amount put into an annual savings pot (just over 1,000). ... read more »

Debt a 'top 5' savings goal

24 May 2021
What are you saving up for? A wedding? A new car? To pay off your debts? New research indicates that they're all in the top 10 - but could you guess the order they come in? ... read more »

8.2 million households in 'transport poverty'

30 April 2021
8.2 million households - equivalent to 37.9% - across the UK have fallen into 'transport poverty' as a result of increasing petrol prices and rail fares, This is Money reports. ... read more »

Can a bad credit rating stop me getting a job?

18 April 2021
Your credit rating makes a difference when you apply for credit, but did you know it can affect your employment opportunities too?... read more »

Could your credit score affect your job chances?

16 April 2021
According to Callcredit, the financial information service, more and more employers are using credit checks when deciding which potential job candidates to hire, The Independent reports. ... read more »

Does having a degree really pay off?

24 February 2021
According to official figures, a 21-year-old graduate has about the same chance of being out of work as a school leaver aged 16 with just one GCSE, This is Money reports.... read more »

Can I get a debt consolidation loan if I am self-employed?

22 February 2021
Debt consolidation could help you to simplify your debts and reduce your outgoings. But could you get a debt consolidation loan if you're self-employed?... read more »

Pay freezes 'common' as quarter worry about debt

12 January 2021
At a time when so many of us are concerned about our levels of debt, it's particularly worrying to see so few salaries rising. Recent figures indicate that two thirds of people have had their pay frozen over the last few years - and that a quarter of the population see their debts as something that's causing them concern. ... read more »

86% 'at risk of debt problems if they lost their job'

9 November 2011
New research by online insurers British Insurance states that 86% of us don't have employment insurance and would rely on hand-outs from family and friends, savings, benefits, or would get into debt on credit cards if we lost our jobs, as reported by The Telegraph. ... read more »

16 million Britons facing pay freeze

18 March 2011
Research by comparison site has revealed that sixteen million Britons are facing a pay freeze this year. ... read more »

Recovery `hampered by high household debt`

2 June 2009
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has warned that Britain`s economic recovery is being slowed by high levels of household debt.... read more »

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