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What happens when my mortgage deal ends?

18 June 2021
When your mortgage deal ends you have a few options. ... read more »

What are the benefits of an IVA?

21 May 2021
An IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement) is an insolvency solution that can come with several benefits for struggling borrowers.... read more »

Can I get a DRO if I have a mortgage?

21 May 2021
Certain debt solutions can affect your mortgage. Is a DRO one of them?... read more »

IVA: What will happen to my house?

18 May 2021
One of the benefits of an IVA if you're a homeowner is that you won't lose your home as long as you stick to your side of the agreement.... read more »

Will an IVA affect my job?

17 May 2021
An IVA will have a big impact on your finances, but how will it affect your job?... read more »

How to apply for an IVA

1 May 2021
Read our guide to how to apply for an IVA if you're struggling with serious unsecured debts.... read more »

IVA remortgage for equity release: how does it work?

13 January 2021
Homeowners on an IVA are often expected to release equity as part of the agreement. But what if you're struggling to remortgage? ... read more »

Pensioners turning to equity release to clear debts

6 June 2011
Many pensioners in the UK are struggling with debt, with some using the equity in their home to repay it, according to equity release firm Key Retirement Solutions.... read more »

Equity release being used to pay down debts

8 July 2010
According to charity Age UK, older people are freeing up money to pay off their debts using equity release, the Guardian reports.... read more »

Pensioners repay their debts with `unlocked` equity

16 October 2009
According to research by equity release group Key Retirement Solutions, around one in three retired people who `unlocked` equity from their home during the third quarter of 2009 used the money to repay their unsecured debts, The Press Association reports.... read more »

Remortgage advice - equity and your home

8 October 2009
Finding a good remortgage deal is important for homeowners. For many, it`s a good opportunity to reduce outgoings - especially in the current economic climate, when mortgage rates are typically lower than in recent years.... read more »

Recession `will lead to rise in equity release`

20 January 2009
As the economic downturn continues, there will be an increase in the number of people - including many with debt problems - who look to equity release as a means of solving their financial problems, it has been suggested.... read more »

Equity release `declining in popularity`

8 January 2009
Consumers are not relying on equity release to the same extent as they were previously, it has been found.... read more »

Equity release market rises by 141% in Scotland

30 December 2008
An increasing number of Scottish consumers, potentially including those experiencing debt problems, are choosing to release equity from their properties in a bid to free up cash.... read more »

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