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What happens when my mortgage deal ends?

18 June 2021
When your mortgage deal ends you have a few options. ... read more »

Five-year fixed-rate mortgage rates getting lower

3 February 2021
If you're considering buying or moving home, and you're looking to stay put for the next five years, a five-year fixed-rate mortgage deal could be an ideal option. ... read more »

The rise of the 'hybrid' track and fix mortgage

20 January 2021
Mortgage broker John Charcol says that more than 10% of its borrowers opted for a 'track and fix' mortgage in December - the highest proportion since they were introduced. ... read more »

Housing Minister calls for 30-year mortgages

21 October 2011
Grant Shapps, the Government's Housing Minister, has called for lenders to consider offering more fixed-rate mortgages of up to 30 years, in an attempt to encourage 'greater stability in the housing market', a Government website reports. ... read more »

Low rates 'have reduced mortgage costs by thousands'

9 September 2011
Since 2009, low interest rates have reduced the overall amount some homeowners paid over their initial rate term by thousands of pounds, according to Defaqto.... read more »

Low mortgage rates: are they worth the initial fees?

19 August 2011
Recent research by indicates that the average mortgage arrangement fee has increased by 17% in the last year - adding 151 to the cost of a typical mortgage.... read more »

Base rate on hold: could loan rates benefit?

11 August 2011
Following the Bank of England's latest inflation report, it is widely believed that the UK base rate could be held at 0.5% until 2013 - potentially good news for borrowers.... read more »

YBS cuts best five-year fixed-rate mortgage rate to 3.49%

22 July 2011
Yorkshire Building Society (YBS) has cut the interest rate on its best five-year fixed-rate mortgage deal to just 3.49% - a sign that competition between lenders could be intensifying.... read more »

Mortgage borrowers facing difficult decisions

8 July 2011
The Bank of England's decision to keep the base rate at 0.5% for yet another month will add to the "quandary" faced by many mortgage borrowers: to fix or not to fix?... read more »

Little change in the price of five-year fixed-rate mortgages

9 May 2011
According to mortgage broker John Charcol, the rates charged on five-year fixed-rate mortgages haven`t changed much recently, even though it doesn`t look like we should expect a base rate rise in the near future. The Independent provides some information.... read more »

Mortgage rates still climbing

10 March 2011
The average mortgage rate `edged up` in February, the Bank of England has revealed. ... read more »

Fixed-rate mortgage costs increase

7 March 2011
According to figures from, the lifetime cost of a typical five-year fixed-rate mortgage has risen by 2,500 since the start of the year, The Telegraph reports.... read more »

Cost of fixed-rate mortgages continues to drop

10 June 2010
According to figures from the Bank of England, the cost of short-term fixed-rate mortgages dropped to a record low in May, as `competition continued to return to the market`, The Telegraph reports.... read more »

Mortgage rates improving `at the expense of savers`

18 January 2010
Mortgage rates have been falling in recent months, but at the expense of savings rates, according to new research from Moneyfacts.... read more »

Mortgage market improving

14 January 2010
The mortgage market is improving - in quite a few ways - an article in The Times reports.... read more »

My mortgage: should I stick with my SVR?

9 January 2010
Remortgaging, as the CML (Council of Mortgage Lenders) recently stated, has dropped to decade-low levels - as many homeowners see `little incentive` in remortgaging when their fixed-rate period ends and they revert to the bank`s SVR (Standard Variable Rate).... read more »

Mortgage news: loans for house purchase at two-year high

10 December 2009
According to figures from the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML), the number of loans for house purchase in the UK reached 55,300 in October - the highest it has been since December 2007, and 43% higher than the figure recorded the same time last year.... read more »

Base rate stays at 0.5%

8 October 2009
Today at midday, the Bank of England`s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) confirmed that it would maintain the official base rate at 0.5% for at least one more month.... read more »

Low base rate helps people with debt

9 July 2009
Today, the Bank of England`s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) announced it was keeping the base rate (also known as the bank rate) at its historic low of 0.5%.... read more »

Average 2-year fixed mortgage rate may reach 6% within weeks

30 June 2009 has said that the average interest rate on a two-year fixed-rate mortgage could soon reach 6%, according to The Telegraph.... read more »

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