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What's caused 'record rise' in motor insurance fraud?

Every week, we hear, insurance providers are unearthing 865 motor insurance claims (worth over 10 million in total) that are dishonest. ... read more »

Fake insurance claims 'on the rise' say ABI

Fraudulent insurance claims are rising, according to an industry group, with fake gym and car accident injuries among the claims. ... read more »

Card readers could put you at risk of credit card fraud

30 July 2021
Security flaws have been found in some chip and PIN terminals, found in shops and restaurants, which could let thieves download your card details. Thousands of terminals will now have to be reprogrammed, according to the Telegraph. ... read more »

Experian: identity theft online 'has quadrupled in two years'

18 July 2021
Growing numbers of fraudsters are targeting personal information via the web, with online identity fraud up 300% since 2010, according to Experian.... read more »

Some people 'setting themselves up' for credit card fraud online

16 July 2021
There are a number of ways that credit card fraudsters can get hold of your card information - like sending fake emails that look like they are from your financial institution, requesting your card numbers, etc.... read more »

Insurance firms & DVLA to fight fraud together

Insurance companies and the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) have agreed to work together to make sure insurers always get the right information, fighting fraud and saving honest motorists money.... read more »

Whiplash & insurance: a different view

You may have seen the stories about whiplash and insurance recently - in fact, we've had a couple on this site. Each year, over half a million people claim for whiplash injuries, adding up to a total of over 2 billion, and there's a widespread feeling that not all those claims are genuine. ... read more »

New credit card fraud threat

11 June 2021
Police have uncovered a new sophisticated form of credit card fraud that has already claimed a Consultant Oncologist as a victim, according to read more »

60% of Americans who don't use mobile banking 'think their mobile isn't secure'

6 June 2021
Mobile banking is very popular in America. Research by Infosys indicates that 94% of Americans use some kind of banking app on a mobile device. However, just about half of them think mobile banking has security problems, according to ... read more »

Soca raids close websites selling credit card details

14 May 2021
36 websites selling credit card details and other personal information have been closed down following two years of observation by Soca, the Serious Organised Crime Agency, reports the BBC. ... read more »

Will giving up smoking make life insurance cheaper?

9 May 2021
Many factors affect the price of your life insurance, but how big a part does smoking play?... read more »

Whiplash claims 'add 90 to average car insurance policy'

The ABI (Association of British Insurers) says that whiplash claims totalled 2 billion last year, which it claims adds 90 to the average car insurance policy of 440. ... read more »

Fears about contactless card technology

30 April 2021
There are now 20 million people in the UK with access to contactless debit and credit cards, but the Daily Mail reports that fraudsters could steal your cards details from the 'radio waves' emitted - and recommends covering your contactless credit card with tin foil to avoid fraud. ... read more »

Banking police thwart 400 million worth of fraud

26 April 2021
The Dedicated Cheque and Plastic Crime Unit (DCPCU), the specialist police unit that tackles card and cheque fraud in the UK, has stopped over 400 million worth of fraud activity since it launched a decade ago. ... read more »

Whiplash 'industry' adding 20% to motor insurance

The 'thriving whiplash industry' in this country is adding a full 20% to the cost of the average driver's insurance policy. It's a huge figure - and an issue that really needs to be sorted out. ... read more »

Mortgage fraud 'rises for fifth year in a row'

18 April 2021
Credit reference agency Experian has found that fraudulent mortgage applications have increased for the fifth consecutive year, Credit Today reports. ... read more »

30% of frauds last year 'targeted bank accounts'

5 April 2021
According to CIFAS, the UK's fraud prevention scheme, almost 30% of the record number of frauds they uncovered in 2011 targeted bank accounts. ... read more »

Insurance Fraud Bureau - exporting our experience

The UK's Insurance Fraud Bureau (IFB) uses such sophisticated fraud detection techniques that other countries want to learn from them. A news release from the IFB tells us about a recent visit from Poland.... read more »

Research indicates young women are at high risk of online fraud

25 November 2011
As part of the UK Cards Association 'Be Card Smart Online' campaign, young women are being warned to be more security conscious when shopping online this Christmas, as research shows they are at a high risk of online fraud. ... read more »

How safe is mobile banking?

9 November 2011
As more and more aspects of our daily lives depend on the internet, the number of bank account providers offering online banking 'apps' has been rising. But is managing your bank account on a smartphone a good idea? ... read more »

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