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How do you feel about 'the end of free banking'?

3 October 2021
There has been a lot of debate about 'free banking' recently. Some have argued that charging a transparent fee for all bank accounts will make banking fairer by putting an end to hidden charges. Others disagree. ... read more »

More calls for an end to free banking

18 June 2021
There's a 'desperate need' to reform the way people pay for their bank accounts, a senior banking executive has said. ... read more »

Bank account tips from a banking specialist

1 June 2021
The future banking regulator, Andrew Bailey, raised speculation that free in-credit bank accounts could be on the way out, after calling free banking a 'myth'. ... read more »

Bank of England official: "Free banking is a myth"

24 May 2021
Andrew Bailey, who is set to become the financial services industry's chief regulator, has called free banking "a dangerous myth". ... read more »

The end of free bank accounts?

6 February 2021
Paid-for bank accounts could help individuals as well as banks, a new report explains. Written by accountants PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), it goes into 'how market participants should adapt to the new realities of this fast-changing and increasingly challenging environment'. ... read more »

What the Vickers report means for bank customers

13 September 2011
The Independent Commission on Banking (which produced the Vickers report) recommends how to avoid a repeat of the financial crisis, when taxpayers were burdened with the cost of a bail-out. One important part of the report is the recommendation for 'greater competition between banks,' as reported by the BBC.... read more »

Is `free` banking really free?

24 January 2011
While Ana Botin, the new head of Santander in Britain, has told MPs that the `practice of offering free current accounts was "ingrained" in British culture`, research for The Daily Telegraph has revealed that consumers are paying more than ever for bank accounts.... read more »

Monthly bank charges `could ensure more transparent service`

16 December 2010
Many banks would like to scrap the existing `free` banking model in favour of a more transparent, paid-for banking service, according to former Barclays chief executive Martin Taylor.... read more »

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