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Water damage: the hidden insurance cost for over 50s?

According to research by Saga Home Insurance, although nearly half of over 50s say their biggest concerns are fire (24%) and burglary (23%), they should be more concerned about the potential financial impact of leaky pipes or burst water tanks on their homes. ... read more »

Parents spend 1,247 per year on school 'extras'

31 August 2021
A study by Sheila's Wheels home insurance has looked at the 'extra' costs of sending your child to school. ... read more »

Home insurance for bank holiday DIY botch

With the promise of a rainy bank holiday just around the corner, many DIY enthusiasts will be dusting off their brushes. If you are, be warned! DIYers can end up paying through the nose for their frugality if they're not covered for accidental damage. ... read more »

One year after the riots: insurance matters

A year after the summer riots, the insurance industry reveals some figures that show how they've helped victims get back on their feet. ... read more »

How important is insurance for cyclists?

Insurance for people on the road doesn't just include motorists. As the BBC reports, cyclists could also be putting their finances at risk if they don't have adequate protection. ... read more »

Wiggins fan? Check your bike insurance!

If you're a British cycling fan you've had a lot to celebrate recently, with the victory of a British cyclist in the Tour de France. ... read more »

Home insurance: shop around and save

It seems 29% of people with home insurance automatically renew their policy with their current provider - instead of looking around and trying to find a better deal.... read more »

What is an insurance underwriter?

28 June 2021
Insurance underwriters determine how much cover you can get and how much you can be charged for it. ... read more »

Water damage to homes 'more common than burglaries'

"Homeowners need to pay as much attention to their plumbing as their security," says Matthew Scott, who is Chief Claims Manager at NFU Mutual. ... read more »

Buildings insurance claims 'nearly doubled in storms'

The stormy weather in winter 2011 saw a 56% increase in buildings insurance claims. ... read more »

Insurance and empty houses - a warning

Buildings and contents insurance can give homeowners real peace of mind: if the pipes burst, for example, or someone breaks in, they can turn to their insurance to cover the cost. ... read more »

3.5 million homeowners 'missing some home insurance'

According to research from, almost 3.5 million homeowners in the UK are putting their home and its contents at risk by not having adequate home insurance cover. ... read more »

Action needed on flood insurance

Up to 200,000 homeowners could start finding it difficult to obtain flood insurance if Government and insurance providers don't agree on a way forward. ... read more »

Cost of home insurance falling

With inflation high and the recent news that we're back in recession, consumers might be relieved to hear that not everything is getting more expensive. According to recent research into annual buildings and contents insurance policies, these policies are, on average, cheaper now than they were at the start of the year.... read more »

10 easy ways to invalidate your insurance

The Telegraph has produced a top 10 list of ways you could invalidate any of the common insurance policies you'll find in the UK. ... read more »

Home insurance claims 'set to peak over Easter'

With the Easter Bank Holiday weekend fast approaching, DIY fanatics across the country will no doubt be taking advantage of the extra days off to make a few home improvements.... read more »

The real cost of not adequately insuring your home?

Many thrifty homeowners are at risk of letting their homes fall into disrepair, by not having adequate cover for household maintenance and repairs, according to research from the AA's Home Emergency Response Service.... read more »

Will debt consolidation affect my insurance?

13 February 2021
Insurance. For many of us, it's another monthly expense to take care of - but it could go a long way to giving us peace of mind.... read more »

Floods: funding concerns lead to insurance 'uncertainty'

Floods and insurance are two stories that you often hear alongside each other. Government bodies do their best to prevent flood waters reaching homes - and if that fails, people turn to their home insurance so they can repair the damage and get their lives back to normal.... read more »

Storms lead to 'big increase' in insurance claims

The recent storms have led to a major increase in claims on car insurance and home insurance, the AA tells us. ... read more »

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