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61% of households 'don't feel financially secure at all'

17 August 2021
According to recent research by, 35% of British people define 'financial security' as having enough in the bank to cover basic living costs - without having to resort to credit. ... read more »

Mortgage approvals 'hit lowest level in at least 15 years'

25 July 2021
The number of mortgage approvals fell to their lowest number in at least 15 years in June, according to figures from the British Bankers' Association (BBA), The Telegraph reports.... read more »

Could keeping track of energy consumption save you money?

13 July 2021
Age UK Enterprises has published research that looks at energy usage in the home over the last 60 years. ... read more »

How long does an IVA last for?

12 July 2021
Certain factors could affect the length of your IVA.... read more »

Mortgage approvals fall following two-year high

4 July 2021
Mortgage approvals have seen a further fall following a two-year high recorded earlier in 2021, causing speculation that house prices could drop over the next few months, The Independent reports. ... read more »

Mortgage fees 'rise by almost 70% in three years'

27 June 2021
Homebuyers have seen the fees for arranging a mortgage rise by an average of nearly 70% in just three years, putting more financial pressure on first-time buyers and remortgaging homeowners, This is Money reports. ... read more »

What is mortgage protection?

27 June 2021
If you become unable to work through illness, accident or involuntary unemployment, mortgage protection insurance could help you with your payments.... read more »

What can debt collectors not do?

27 June 2021
When they're collecting your debts, there are certain things that debt collectors aren't allowed to do.... read more »

27% 'could go into debt with energy bill by 2015'

30 May 2021
Price comparison website estimates that the average energy bill could reach 1,582 per year by 2015 if price rises carry on as they have done for the last eight years. ... read more »

Loans, mortgages, etc. rose by 1.4 billion in April

30 May 2021
In line with the average of the last six months, total lending to individuals increased by 1.4 billion in April. ... read more »

17 days' salary 'needed to keep up with debts'

29 May 2021
Research from Bright Grey's Financial Safety Net report has revealed that Britons must spend 17 days' worth of salary to pay off their debts, which average out at almost 1,500 - nearly 50% more than the amount put into an annual savings pot (just over 1,000). ... read more »

Parents and grandparents borrowing more for family members

23 May 2021
Supporting children and grandchildren is pushing 1.7 million parents and grandparents to use loans, savings, overdrafts and payday loans, according to research from ... read more »

Mortgage lending 'fell 20% in April'

23 May 2021
Gross mortgage lending fell to an estimated 10.2 billion in April, marking a 19% drop from 12.6 billion in March, according to the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML). ... read more »

Mortgage lending 'fell 20% in April'

23 May 2021
Gross mortgage lending fell to an estimated 10.2 billion in April, marking a 19% drop from 12.6 billion in March, according to the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML). ... read more »

Living costs 'rising eight times faster than wages for poorest 10%'

22 May 2021
Basic living costs for the poorest 10% of UK households rose by 4.1% in March - eight times faster than average weekly earnings, according to the latest living standards index from the TUC (Trades Union Congress). ... read more »

10 easy things to make at home that will save you money

22 May 2021
Many products, especially cleaning products, can be made at home instead of bought from a shop - for much less. ... read more »

'Get a credit card in your own name for credit history' says Noddle

21 May 2021
According to credit report service Noddle, there are seven million 'credit virgins' in the UK at the moment - adults with no credit history. ... read more »

Can I get a DRO if I have a mortgage?

21 May 2021
Certain debt solutions can affect your mortgage. Is a DRO one of them?... read more »

90% mortgages 'getting cheaper'

18 May 2021
The average interest rate on a 90% LTV (loan-to-value) mortgage has been falling steadily over the last five years, research by shows - despite concerns about the problems they can cause homeowners. ... read more »

Energy bills have risen 5x faster than income since 2004

18 May 2021
New research from has revealed that, since 2004, the cost of household energy has risen over five times faster than household income. ... read more »

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