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Is it possible to get a bank account if you have a Trust Deed?

9 July 2021
A Trust Deed could help you get out of serious unsecured debt problems - but it will affect your banking options.... read more »

Homeowners 'face highest costs since 2008'

13 April 2021
The cost of owning and running a home has risen to the highest level in four years, according to new research by Halifax.... read more »

YBS cuts best five-year fixed-rate mortgage rate to 3.49%

22 July 2011
Yorkshire Building Society (YBS) has cut the interest rate on its best five-year fixed-rate mortgage deal to just 3.49% - a sign that competition between lenders could be intensifying.... read more »

Home loans: 'equity injection' continuing

5 July 2011
As this year got underway, homeowners in the UK kept up the trend of 'equity injection', according to Bank of England figures. An article on the BBC website tells the story.... read more »

Central banks 'must raise rates'

27 June 2011
'Monetary policy' needs to be brought back to normal quickly, states an influential report that urges central banks to raise their interest rates - and urges governments to reduce their budget deficits.... read more »

1 in 3 could be unable to find new mortgage

9 June 2011
Around 3.5 million homeowners - nearly a third of the 11.4 million mortgage holders in the UK - could be 'caught in the mortgage trap', as the Daily mail puts it, meaning they can't move or get a cheaper mortgage deal.... read more »

Do I have to own a house to get a debt consolidation loan?

8 June 2011
Debt consolidation loans can be unsecured, meaning you don't have to be a homeowner to qualify. However, you should always consider all your options for tackling your debts before you take out a new loan.... read more »

60% of high-value homes `without adequate insurance`

Around 60% of `high net worth homeowners` underestimate the overall value of their personal possessions, and could be underinsured as a result, according to home and contents insurance company Hiscox.... read more »

Mortgages: need to act now?

5 July 2010
Homeowners have been warned that finding a new mortgage could become more difficult in the coming months, The Telegraph reports.... read more »

Debt: new rules to protect struggling homeowners

28 June 2010
The Financial Services Authority (FSA) has outlined new rules that would protect those struggling with their mortgage debt, the BBC reports.... read more »

Do I need to be a homeowner to get on a debt management plan?

12 January 2010
The right debt solution for you will depend on your immediate and longer-term circumstances. A number of things can affect how suitable each debt solution is for you, such as your income and outgoings, the amount you owe, your ability to repay your debts and your employment and residential status.... read more »

British homeowners overpay mortgage debts

7 December 2009
A survey by The Independent has found that a growing number of homeowners in Britain are choosing to overpay their mortgage debts.... read more »

Are secured loans for homeowners still available?

11 May 2009
In a word: yes. Secured loans are still very much available for homeowners - but that doesn`t mean every homeowner will be able to find one. If you`re looking for a secured loan, start by asking yourself these three questions...... read more »

Encouraging banks to offer loans

8 January 2009
The Government is considering ways of encouraging banks to increase the availability of loans.... read more »

Why can`t tenants get secured loans?

15 October 2008
Secured loans, in general, come with lower interest rates than unsecured loans. In other words, lenders will charge less to loan the same amount of money for the same amount of time. However, secured loans are not available to everyone - and the reason for that is in the name...... read more »

Secured Loans & the Special Liquidity Scheme

23 September 2008
Credit, from mortgages and secured loans to unsecured loans and credit cards, has become, in general, harder to obtain and more expensive since the credit crunch began.... read more »

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