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Average mortgage arrangement fee 'up 70% in four years'

7 September 2021
The average mortgage arrangement fee is at a 'new high', research by Moneyfacts has found - rising by more than 70% in the space of four years. ... read more »

Mortgage repossessions now - but are lenders 'propping up' homeowners?

10 August 2021
Things are getting better for struggling homeowners, the latest repossession figures appear to suggest. In the second quarter of 2021, repossessions dropped to the lowest level since the end of 2010, indicating that more homeowners are getting back on top of their finances. ... read more »

Find out how debt consolidation could help you

18 July 2021
Debt consolidation replaces lots of different debts with just one. Read about how it could help you here.... read more »

10% on all home insurance policies to pay for floods

This article has been removed.... read more »

Incidents of Council Tax debt up by 27%

12 June 2021
There has been a sharp rise in the number of people seeking help from debt advisers for Council Tax arrears, according to The Telegraph. The problem seems to affect renters more than homeowners, despite councils apparently freezing this tax for the last two years. ... read more »

Water damage to homes 'more common than burglaries'

"Homeowners need to pay as much attention to their plumbing as their security," says Matthew Scott, who is Chief Claims Manager at NFU Mutual. ... read more »

Loans, mortgages, etc. rose by 1.4 billion in April

30 May 2021
In line with the average of the last six months, total lending to individuals increased by 1.4 billion in April. ... read more »

Insurance, locks & good neighbours...

You can't put a price on good neighbours. Having someone you trust next door can bring all kinds of benefits, from helping out with the kids to picking up shopping - and keeping an eye on your property when you're out. ... read more »

More homeowners 'seeking advice on remortgages'

13 April 2021
Getting a remortgage can be a great opportunity to save money on your monthly payments - especially in the current climate of low interest rates. So it's perhaps no surprise that more and more people are seeking professional advice before they find a remortgage deal.... read more »

Could you be at risk of a 10,000 outside repairs bill?

3 April 2021
As nearly ten million adults in the UK prepare to do DIY on their homes this Easter weekend, research from Aviva has revealed that homeowners are risking a potential 10,000 bill for any outside repairs that are overlooked.... read more »

Subsidence: how insurance can help

The thought of subsidence is enough to worry most homeowners, but there are steps that can be taken to reduce the risk of it happening. So says the Association of British Insurers (ABI), which also provides advice on what people should do if they think their property is already subsiding. ... read more »

The real cost of not adequately insuring your home?

Many thrifty homeowners are at risk of letting their homes fall into disrepair, by not having adequate cover for household maintenance and repairs, according to research from the AA's Home Emergency Response Service.... read more »

Mortgages in 2011 'most affordable since records began'

11 January 2021
New research from Barclays has revealed that homeowners' monthly mortgage payments in 2011 were the most affordable for at least a decade, due to a raft of mortgage lenders offering some of their cheapest deals. ... read more »

58% of homeowners 'have never remortgaged

9 November 2011
58% of homeowners have never changed their mortgage outside of moving home, and could be letting years of reduced mortgage payments go to waste, according to new research from Barclays. ... read more »

Home insurance: could you save by switching?

We've all heard stories about the value of switching, whether it's bank account, broadband provider, utility company - or home insurance provider. ... read more »

Low rates 'have reduced mortgage costs by thousands'

9 September 2011
Since 2009, low interest rates have reduced the overall amount some homeowners paid over their initial rate term by thousands of pounds, according to Defaqto.... read more »

Third of homeowners delaying projects to save cash

15 June 2011
32% of UK homeowners are delaying home maintenance projects to make ends meet, according to new research from comparison website Gocompare.... read more »

Quarter of homeowners 'don't shop around when renewing insurance'

Almost a quarter of homeowners (23%) let their home insurance automatically renew with their existing provider rather than shop around for a better deal, according to RAC Home Insurance.... read more »

Irish homeowners bracing themselves for home loan rate hikes

7 April 2011
Many homeowners in Ireland are bracing themselves for the first of three predicted interest rate rises that will add to the cost of their home loan repayments, reports.... read more »

Levels of mortgage debt `putting homeowners at risk`

21 March 2011
Lord Turner, Chairman of the Financial Services Authority (FSA), has warned that as the mortgage debts borrowers take on reach levels not seen since the financial crisis, homeowners are putting themselves - `and possibly the larger banking system` - at risk if interest rates go up, the Financial Times reports.... read more »

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