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Average mortgage arrangement fee 'up 70% in four years'

7 September 2021
The average mortgage arrangement fee is at a 'new high', research by Moneyfacts has found - rising by more than 70% in the space of four years. ... read more »

Loan rates falling as base rate cut approaches

14 August 2021
A number of personal loan providers have slashed interest rates in recent weeks - perhaps because the Bank of England is expected to cut the base rate in the not-too-distant future. ... read more »

Overdraft rates 'higher than before the credit crunch'

8 August 2021
The average interest rate on an authorised overdraft is higher than before the credit crunch, according to research by Moneyfacts. ... read more »

Mortgage fees 'rise by almost 70% in three years'

27 June 2021
Homebuyers have seen the fees for arranging a mortgage rise by an average of nearly 70% in just three years, putting more financial pressure on first-time buyers and remortgaging homeowners, This is Money reports. ... read more »

Average rent is now '712 per month'

22 June 2021
Letting agents have said that the average rent being paid by private tenants has risen to 712 a month. It was the second monthly increase in a row, according to the BBC - meaning that average rents are back to where they were in January. ... read more »

What happens when my mortgage deal ends?

18 June 2021
When your mortgage deal ends you have a few options. ... read more »

The Bank of England and personal debt: what's the link?

7 June 2021
Today at noon, the Bank of England published its latest decision on the base rate - it decided to leave it unchanged yet again. Unless you're the kind of person who follows the financial news, you might not know what that actually means, but if you're in debt, have a mortgage and/or have money in the bank, a change in the base rate could make a real difference to your finances. ... read more »

Car loans 'up by a fifth' in March

22 May 2021
If you're thinking about taking out a loan to buy a new car in the near future, you might be pleased to learn that the number of cars bought on finance increased by more than a fifth (22%) in March. ... read more »

90% mortgages 'getting cheaper'

18 May 2021
The average interest rate on a 90% LTV (loan-to-value) mortgage has been falling steadily over the last five years, research by shows - despite concerns about the problems they can cause homeowners. ... read more »

Bank rate: low for at least one more year

14 May 2021
The Bank of England's base rate is expected to stay low for another year at least, according to analysts IHS Global Insight. While it's good news for plenty of homeowners, savers won't be pleased. ... read more »

Could a credit card now be cheaper than a loan?

9 May 2021
In the past, personal loans have been preferred over credit cards for long-term borrowing. This is because, over a long period, credit cards could traditionally cost you a lot more in interest. ... read more »

Payday lender launches small business loans service

8 May 2021
Payday loan provider has launched a new service that could give small businesses access to loans almost as quickly as its consumer loan customers. ... read more »

Will debt consolidation freeze my interest?

8 May 2021
There are different types of debt consolidation, and only some of them can freeze interest on your debts.... read more »

Savings rates 'on the up' - but check your own rate isn't falling

18 April 2021
The average interest rate on an easy-access savings account has risen above 1% for the first time in two years, according to Moneyfacts. ... read more »

Credit cards: when the rate rises.

19 March 2021
What are your options when you hear that the interest rate on your credit card is about to rise? Drawing on a few experts' opinions, an article in yesterday's Independent takes a look at the question.... read more »

Could a credit card help 'repair' your credit rating?

13 February 2021
The charity National Debtline has said that it currently deals with five times as many cases involving a payday loan as it did 18 months ago, This is Money reports - due in part to people with a damaged credit rating looking for alternative forms of credit. ... read more »

Overdraft debts 'more expensive than ever'

1 February 2021
Yesterday the Bank of England said that the average rate of interest on an authorised overdraft is currently 19.47%. The Daily Mail reports that this is the most expensive time to have an overdraft since records began in 1995. ... read more »

Interest rates on loans and credit cards 'have been falling'

24 January 2021
Interest rates on credit cards and new personal loans fell in the three months to November, figures from the Bank of England show - meaning it was cheaper for people to borrow money than in previous months. ... read more »

Latest on call for payday loans cap

11 January 2021
As you may have read, some MPs are calling for a cap on the cost of high-cost credit such as payday loans. They're being backed on this by what might seem like an unlikely supporter - a payday loan provider. ... read more »

Interest rate 'not the only consideration when choosing a loan'

10 January 2021
When choosing a loan, most people will hope to get the lowest interest rate possible to help keep down their repayments. But interest is just one of many factors people should consider when looking for a loan, according to Defaqto. ... read more »

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