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Insurance is the way to a girl's heart, apparently

Forget flowers, diamonds and boxes of heart-shaped chocolates. If you really want to impress a lady, show her what she's worth with accident, life or endowment insurance. That's how they do it in China, according to the Financial Times. ... read more »

What happens to your debt after you die?

9 July 2021
If you die in a lot of debt, your next of kin may have to deal with them. However, exactly what happens depends on your circumstances.... read more »

What is an insurance underwriter?

28 June 2021
Insurance underwriters determine how much cover you can get and how much you can be charged for it. ... read more »

What is level term life insurance?

21 June 2021
You choose how much you pay per month depending on how much you want your family to receive. A simple kind of life cover that gives you the control. ... read more »

What is life insurance?

21 June 2021
Life insurance could provide your family with a financial 'safety net' if you pass away. Here's a quick guide to how different types of life insurance work.... read more »

What is decreasing term life assurance?

21 June 2021
Decreasing term life assurance could be the answer if you are looking for a cheaper policy that only pays out as much as your family will need.... read more »

What is whole-of-life insurance?

21 June 2021
Whole-of-life insurance never expires, so it is guaranteed to pay out upon your death as long as the terms of the policy have been met. This can give you great peace of mind. ... read more »

What if I become ill and can't pay into my life insurance?

30 May 2021
There are a couple of ways that you can keep your life insurance going whilst critically ill, such as waiver of premium and critical illness cover. ... read more »

Level term life assurance: what is it?

30 May 2021
Level term is a simple kind of life insurance that could put your mind at ease. You decide how much your family could receive if the worst happens to you.... read more »

What is critical illness insurance?

30 May 2021
Critical illness cover is a good way to prepare for the future, by protecting yourself and your family from the financial impact of serious illness. ... read more »

Will I be able to get life insurance?

30 May 2021
Some life insurance policies have certain terms and conditions. Certain factors could exclude you from some policies, so knowing the facts could help you find cover that's right for you. ... read more »

1 in 7 have insurance against illness

When money's tight, different people will cut their spending in different ways, but making the right cutbacks is vital - or the consequences could be serious. ... read more »

Facts about critical illness cover

16 May 2021
Knowing the facts about critical illness cover can help you decide what course of action to take. ... read more »

What is term life assurance?

16 May 2021
With term life insurance you only pay for life insurance for a certain term, or as long as you need it. ... read more »

Term life assurance explained

15 May 2021
Any life insurance that lasts for a fixed amount of time is referred to as a "term" policy. You can have control over how long your policy will last. ... read more »

What is a life insurance underwriter?

15 May 2021
A life insurance underwriter decides whether to give you life insurance, and how much your monthly premiums will cost. ... read more »

Who can apply for life insurance?

14 May 2021
Anyone over the age of 18 and below 70 should be able to apply for life insurance, but certain personal details could make it more difficult to be approved for a policy.... read more »

Critical illness cover: the facts

14 May 2021
Critical life cover could give you a tax free lump sum if you are diagnosed with an eligible critical illness while your policy is active. ... read more »

Will giving up smoking make life insurance cheaper?

9 May 2021
Many factors affect the price of your life insurance, but how big a part does smoking play?... read more »

When will life insurance not pay out?

8 May 2021
Even if you are benefiting from the security of a life insurance policy, you may worry about the circumstances in which it might not pay out. ... read more »

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