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Debt worries as mortgage costs rise

23 August 2021
The Bank of England's base rate might be staying at its all-time low of 0.5%, but that doesn't mean mortgage rates can't rise. ... read more »

Good news for homeowners as mortgage lenders cut rates

27 July 2021
A number of major lenders have cut some of their mortgage rates in recent weeks, meaning lower mortgage payments for many new and remortgaging homeowners. ... read more »

Mortgage application fees 'up 20% since 2009'

13 June 2021
The average mortgage application fee has risen by 20% since 2009 according to price comparison website ... read more »

Quiet mortgage market 'pushing up rents'

25 May 2021
More people are being forced to remain tenants - at a higher cost - because of the relative difficulty of obtaining a mortgage, according to the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). ... read more »

Why are mortgage rates going up?

12 March 2021
This month, we saw the three-year anniversary of the record-low base rate. On March 5th 2009, the Bank of England dropped its rate all the way to 0.5% - the lowest rate in over 300 years of history - and it's stayed there ever since. So why are some mortgage rates going up? ... read more »

Bank rate 'might stay low until 2015'

9 March 2021
The Bank of England is keeping its bank rate (also known as the base rate) at 0.5%, marking the third anniversary of the lowest base rate in the Bank's 318-year history, reports read more »

Mortgage rates lower than the 1990s - but how much are homeowners really saving?

2 March 2021
Despite the economic downturn that is currently burning holes in the wallets of millions of people across the UK, there's one thing many people are glad of: low mortgage rates.... read more »

Could a lifetime tracker mortgage save you money?

17 February 2021
When it comes to choosing a new mortgage deal, the choice between a tracker or a fixed-rate mortgage can be a difficult one. On the one hand, tracker mortgages tend to be the cheapest option at any given time, but the mortgage payments can increase; fixed-rate mortgage payments can't change, but they tend to be a bit more expensive to begin with. So which do you choose?... read more »

How to use a mortgage calculator

6 February 2021
Using a mortgage calculator is a good way of finding out how much different mortgage deals might cost every month.... read more »

Mortgages in 2011 'most affordable since records began'

11 January 2021
New research from Barclays has revealed that homeowners' monthly mortgage payments in 2011 were the most affordable for at least a decade, due to a raft of mortgage lenders offering some of their cheapest deals. ... read more »

Many mortgage holders 'better off for reverting to variable rates'

4 November 2011
Most homeowners who have automatically moved onto their mortgage lender's 'standard variable rate' after finishing a fixed-rate deal are paying much less as a result, according to the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML).... read more »

Mortgage applications 'up 20% so far this year'

14 October 2011
The number of mortgage applications so far this year is 20.6% higher than over the same period in 2010, Mortgage Introducer reports. ... read more »

Average personal loan rates up - but 'best' deals have improved

11 October 2011
... read more »

The good & the bad of low interest rates

8 September 2011
The base rate is an important 'weapon' that the Bank of England uses to try and tame inflation and generally keep the economy as healthy as possible. It has a major impact on savers' profits and borrowers' costs. So what happens when it falls to an all-time low (just 0.5%) and stays there for years?... read more »

New pilot scheme offering '100% mortgages'

7 September 2011
Would-be homebuyers might be interested in a mortgage that could allow them to borrow the full cost of their property, The Telegraph reports.... read more »

Low mortgage rates: are they worth the initial fees?

19 August 2011
Recent research by indicates that the average mortgage arrangement fee has increased by 17% in the last year - adding 151 to the cost of a typical mortgage.... read more »

'Rise' in BTL mortgage rates 'concerns' landlords

5 August 2011
A potential increase in BTL (buy-to-let) mortgage rates would affect the majority of private landlords, according to research by the National Landlords Association (NLA).... read more »

Five-year fixed-rate mortgages 'as low as 3.64%'

20 July 2011
Borrowers looking for mortgage security may be in luck, as lenders are currently 'slashing' the rates on five-year fixed mortgages, This is Money reports.... read more »

Base rate stays at 0.5% - mortgage rates dropping

18 July 2011
Currently there are some of the 'best mortgage deals seen for months' as the Bank of England keeps the base rate low, as reported by read more »

Mortgage borrowers facing difficult decisions

8 July 2011
The Bank of England's decision to keep the base rate at 0.5% for yet another month will add to the "quandary" faced by many mortgage borrowers: to fix or not to fix?... read more »

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