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Many working adults 'borrowing to make ends meet'

11 September 2021
It's the end of the month and you have no money left in your bank account. Sounds familiar? ... read more »

Businesses 'losing confidence' in lenders

5 September 2021
A new report suggests that there is a 'drought' in credit to small businesses - and it's getting worse. ... read more »

One in five adults has reached their 'Affordability Tipping Point'

24 August 2021 has carried out 'Affordability Tipping Point' research, investigating the point at which household outgoings simply overtake income. The research found that one in five adults say that have now reached their Affordability Tipping Point - the point at which they'll find it impossible to meet their monthly costs. ... read more »

People 'turning to family and friends' for loans

22 August 2021
The Aviva Family Finances report is an in-depth study into the financial needs of the modern UK family. The most recent report found a number of things: for example, the average family's monthly income has fallen from 2,150 in May 2021 to 2,003 now - that's a 7% decrease. This can be explained by a number of factors - like families taking time off to care for their children over the summer. ... read more »

More calls for an end to free banking

18 June 2021
There's a 'desperate need' to reform the way people pay for their bank accounts, a senior banking executive has said. ... read more »

If I have an IVA can I end up bankrupt?

31 May 2021
If you have an IVA, it's still possible you can face bankruptcy if you don't stick to your side of the agreement.... read more »

Over half of us 'paying nothing towards debts'

31 May 2021
Over half of the country - 53%, to be exact - are paying nothing towards debts on a monthly basis. That's quite a rise on the 42% who said that just nine months ago. ... read more »

Would you benefit from a packaged bank account?

30 May 2021
With Bank of England executive director Andrew Bailey last week calling for all bank accounts to carry a monthly fee, there has been a lot of talk about what people who pay for their bank accounts can get for their money. ... read more »

What does statute barred mean?

29 May 2021
How does debt become statute barred? What does it mean if it is?... read more »

Debt management plans explained

18 May 2021
A debt management plan could help you to reduce your monthly debt repayments to an affordable level.... read more »

What documents do I need for a debt management plan?

17 May 2021
Here is a summary of the documents you'll need to apply for a debt management plan and how to find out whether a debt management plan is right for you.... read more »

What is the average debt per person in the UK?

16 May 2021
Levels of personal debt have greatly increased in recent years, but the financial crisis changed many people's attitude to debt. Read about the average level of unsecured and secured debts in the UK in 2021 here.... read more »

What happens if you don't pay credit card debts?

16 May 2021
As with any other type of unsecured debt, not repaying credit cards can come with some serious consequences.... read more »

What do you look for in a bank account?

4 May 2021
What do you look for in a bank account? Two people can demand very different things of their bank account provider, so it's vital you take the time to find out what an account offers before you sign up. ... read more »

How can I get a Debt Relief Order?

4 May 2021
This is a summary of how we could help you to apply for a Debt Relief Order (DRO) - a low-cost alternative to bankruptcy.... read more »

Will a debt management plan pay off all my debts?

5 April 2021
If you can't afford to repay your debts as agreed, could a debt management give you a realistic way of repaying everything you owe?... read more »

More over-60s 'seek debt help'

26 March 2021
More people are carrying unsecured debts into retirement and 'future seniors' could find themselves in the same kind of situation further down the line.... read more »

Outstanding loans and overdrafts at 10-year low

24 August 2011
The British Bankers' Association (BBA) has said that outstanding debt on personal loans and consumer overdrafts is at the lowest level for a decade. The total outstanding debt currently stands at 52bn, as reported by the BBC.... read more »

Banks lending more to small businesses

15 June 2009
New figures from the British Bankers` Assocation (BBA) have suggested that banks are lending more to small businesses, in a potentially positive sign for the economy.... read more »

Millions of overdraft debts becoming credit card debts

1 June 2009
Millions of borrowers seem to be transferring their overdraft debt to their credit cards, many of them taking advantage of 0% deals on balance transfers to avoid interest charges.... read more »

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