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Payday loans help more than 1 million cover bills

25 September 2021
More than one million people in the UK are turning to payday loans to meet their essential living costs, according to the Independent. ... read more »

Many working adults 'borrowing to make ends meet'

11 September 2021
It's the end of the month and you have no money left in your bank account. Sounds familiar? ... read more »

Payday loan customers get better protection

1 August 2021
Four trade associations - which represent around 90% of the total short-term loan market - have drawn up a Customer Charter. It is intended to improve customer service and raise standards further. ... read more »

One-year loans: are they worth it?

30 July 2021
Payday loans have received a lot of attention in the press recently, but as The Independent reports, the increasing number of online lenders offering 'one-year loans' could offer an alternative way of borrowing. ... read more »

Could a payday loan stop you getting a mortgage?

11 July 2021
Taking out a payday loan could affect your ability to get a mortgage - with one mortgage lender rejecting applications from borrowers who have recently applied for a loan, and others remaining cautious, the Daily Mail reports. ... read more »

The wrong kind of debt...

6 July 2021
Borrowing money can be useful. It can help people buy a house or a car, or pay for a university education, or spread the cost of an unexpected bill. ... read more »

One in five 'struggling to cope financially'

26 June 2021
One in five UK families report that their finances have been pushed to the limit as a result of the financial downturn, according to new research from the Centre for the Modern Family. ... read more »

What happens if I don't repay a payday loan?

12 June 2021
If you don't repay a payday loan, your debt will grow. Speak to a debt adviser if you're struggling. ... read more »

Parents and grandparents borrowing more for family members

23 May 2021
Supporting children and grandchildren is pushing 1.7 million parents and grandparents to use loans, savings, overdrafts and payday loans, according to research from ... read more »

60% of payday loans 'used for essential living costs'

21 May 2021
New research by consumer watchdog Which? has found that more than 60% of people who took out payday loans were borrowing the cash to pay for household bills or cover the cost of essentials such as food, petrol and nappies. ... read more »

When there's a new kind of debt...

10 May 2021
Debt is nothing new, but the way people borrow really changes over time - and so does the way they see their debt. The Chief Executive of the Consumer Finance Association*, John Lamidey, points out that credit cards, for example, weren't always as accepted as they are today. ... read more »

Payday lender launches small business loans service

8 May 2021
Payday loan provider has launched a new service that could give small businesses access to loans almost as quickly as its consumer loan customers. ... read more »

Debt management plans for payday loans

28 April 2021
Debt management could help you to repay payday loans in full at a rate you can afford.... read more »

Could the cost of payday loans be capped?

24 April 2021
Calls to give financial regulators the power to set a maximum cost for payday loans and other high-cost types of borrowing have been taken to a vote in parliament, the Guardian reports. ... read more »

Loans: banks aren't the only option

11 April 2021
It's not news that 'traditional' bank loans are harder to come by than they were in pre-2008 Britain, or that payday loans have become far more common. But they're not the only options - and an article in Monday's Financial Times takes a look at a few different kinds of lending available to people and businesses in the country. ... read more »

OFT looks into concerns about payday loans

28 February 2021
The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has launched an extensive review of concerns surrounding the payday loans industry - particularly focusing on the way they deal with financially vulnerable customers.... read more »

Could a credit card help 'repair' your credit rating?

13 February 2021
The charity National Debtline has said that it currently deals with five times as many cases involving a payday loan as it did 18 months ago, This is Money reports - due in part to people with a damaged credit rating looking for alternative forms of credit. ... read more »

Payday firms could change credit card market

6 February 2021
Payday companies could really change the future of the credit card, which is facing what's been called a 'mid-life crisis' - 45 years after it was introduced. ... read more »

Credit Unions: a cheaper alternative to payday loans?

31 January 2021
Research suggests that rising bills have led to a surge in popularity of payday loans. But the Irish League of Credit Unions (ILCU) points out that your local Credit Union could provide a much cheaper alternative.... read more »

Latest on call for payday loans cap

11 January 2021
As you may have read, some MPs are calling for a cap on the cost of high-cost credit such as payday loans. They're being backed on this by what might seem like an unlikely supporter - a payday loan provider. ... read more »

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