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Value of personal loans falls by 400m in August

2 October 2021
Total lending to individuals in August this year (not including student loans) fell by 400 million, marking a significant drop from the previous six-month average increase of 700 million, according to the latest lending figures from the Bank of England. ... read more »

Average personal loan rate falls over year

23 June 2011
The average rate on a personal loan has fallen significantly since this time last year, according to statistics from the Bank of England.... read more »

Small personal loan rates hit all-time high

12 May 2011
The interest rates lenders charge on small personal loans reached an all-time high last month, figures from the Bank of England (BoE) have revealed.... read more »

1 in 5 car buyers will take out a loan

8 March 2011
19% of the people who intend to buy a car in the next six months will get into debt to do so.... read more »

Reasons for taking out a loan are changing

20 April 2010
The main reasons for taking out a personal loan have changed over the last few years, according to Sainsbury`s Finance.... read more »

Loan rates at 9-year high as debt defaults rise

2 February 2010
According to experts, banks are increasing the interest rates on personal loans as they try to recoup the losses arising from defaults on unsecured debts, the Telegraph reports.... read more »

Lower interest on loans indicates market may be recovering

21 August 2009
The loans market may be recovering, it has been claimed, after a major loan provider reduced the interest rates it charges on personal loans.... read more »

Home loans rise by 4% in April

28 May 2009
New statistics have shown a 4% rise in the number of home loan approvals in April, compared with March.... read more »

4 billion of personal loans for home improvements

16 February 2009
4 billion of personal loans for home improvements With the problems in the housing market putting many people off moving home, many homeowners have focused on improving their current property.... read more »

What is an unsecured loan?

13 January 2009
An unsecured loan is a loan that isn't secured against something valuable (like a house or flat). So, from the lender's perspective, it's riskier than a secured loan. That means they'll probably charge more interest than they would for a secured loan, and they're more likely to restrict the maximum loan amount.... read more »

Personal loan rates 'still increasing'

11 December 2008
Interest rates on personal loans are continuing to rise, despite recent cuts to the base rate, The Times reports.... read more »

Loans: Bank of England base rate cut to 2%

5 December 2008
The Bank of England has lowered its base rate to 2%, its lowest in over half a century, in a move that will raise hopes of cuts in mortgage and personal loan rates.... read more »

Brits `issue loans to loved ones`

21 October 2008
A significant number of consumers in the UK are issuing loans to their family members.... read more »

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