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Personal loan interest rates keep on falling

11 September 2021
Personal loans are now available with as little as 5.7% interest - as lenders battle to win borrowers' business. ... read more »

Loan rates falling as base rate cut approaches

14 August 2021
A number of personal loan providers have slashed interest rates in recent weeks - perhaps because the Bank of England is expected to cut the base rate in the not-too-distant future. ... read more »

Shoppers choosing store credit over credit cards and loans

24 July 2021
Consumers are increasingly turning to in-store finance deals when making larger purchases, according to recent figures from the Finance & Leasing Association (FLA). ... read more »

Best personal loan rates fall below 6%

3 July 2021
Borrowers can now find personal loans with an interest rate of just 5.8%, according to analysis of the market by read more »

What documents do I need for a debt management plan?

17 May 2021
Here is a summary of the documents you'll need to apply for a debt management plan and how to find out whether a debt management plan is right for you.... read more »

What is credit card debt management?

17 May 2021
What does credit card debt management mean? Is it different to 'standard' debt management?... read more »

What is the average debt per person in the UK?

16 May 2021
Levels of personal debt have greatly increased in recent years, but the financial crisis changed many people's attitude to debt. Read about the average level of unsecured and secured debts in the UK in 2021 here.... read more »

Could a credit card now be cheaper than a loan?

9 May 2021
In the past, personal loans have been preferred over credit cards for long-term borrowing. This is because, over a long period, credit cards could traditionally cost you a lot more in interest. ... read more »

How can I get a Debt Relief Order?

4 May 2021
This is a summary of how we could help you to apply for a Debt Relief Order (DRO) - a low-cost alternative to bankruptcy.... read more »

20% of new car purchases 'will be funded by loans'

1 May 2021
Sainsbury's Finance predicts that 20% of car purchases between March and August this year will be funded by personal loans. ... read more »

'Strongest growth in more than a year' for loans and credit cards

10 April 2021
Consumer credit lending, including credit cards and personal loans, saw strong growth in February, according to new figures from the Finance & Leasing Association (FLA).... read more »

Will a debt management plan pay off all my debts?

5 April 2021
If you can't afford to repay your debts as agreed, could a debt management give you a realistic way of repaying everything you owe?... read more »

Borrowing on loans 'up in February'

3 April 2021
The amount of money lent out in the form of personal loans increased once again in February, according to the latest statistics from the Bank of England - but borrowing on credit cards remained completely flat.... read more »

Spending down on personal loans in 2011

15 February 2021
According to the latest figures from the Finance & Leasing Association (FLA), spending on personal loans and credit cards fell by 2% in December 2011, compared with the same month in 2010.... read more »

Personal loan borrowing down - but rates are still falling

7 February 2021
Borrowing on personal loans fell slightly in December, according to the latest Bank of England figures - but credit card borrowing stayed relatively flat for the fifth month in a row.... read more »

Loan rates 'at lowest point since beginning of credit crunch'

23 November 2011
Borrowers who take out loans of 7,500 or more are paying the lowest interest rates since the 'credit crunch' began, on average, according to MoneySupermarket. ... read more »

Loans: what do we owe? A ten-year perspective

4 November 2011
Right now, we're carrying well over 200 billion of unsecured debt (not including our secured debts, like mortgages, which come to over 1.2 trillion). But where did we stand last year - or the year before?... read more »

Consumer lending 'up in August', says FLA

21 October 2011
Total consumer credit lending saw a slight increase in August 2011 - showing a 3% increase on the same month last year - according to new figures published by the Finance & Leasing Association (FLA).... read more »

Average personal loan rates up - but 'best' deals have improved

11 October 2011
... read more »

Loans 'price war' could benefit borrowers

4 October 2011
Borrowers stand to benefit from a personal loan 'price war' that has seen loan rates falling in recent weeks.... read more »

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