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Would you secure a loan against fine wines or a watch?

19 September 2021
People need a loan for many reasons - for example paying unexpected bills or just funding a well-earned holiday.... read more »

How to use a loan calculator

15 February 2021
If you're wondering what a loan might cost you on a monthly basis, a loan calculator can be really helpful, giving you a 'ballpark figure'.... read more »

What role do basic bank accounts play in the UK?

14 July 2011
Basic bank accounts were introduced to help make sure everyone had access to a bank account. Read about the role basic bank accounts play in the UK, and how much of an impact they've had since their introduction.... read more »

Are loans available at the moment?

25 May 2011
Getting a loan isn`t as easy as it used to be, but banks are still offering them and a lot of people are still managing to get them. So how easy is it, and how can you improve your chances?... read more »

Opening a bank account with a bad credit history

3 November 2009
Most people know that having a bad credit history can make it difficult to borrow money - but they may not know it can also affect their chances of getting a bank account.... read more »

Bank accounts for people with a poor credit history

23 October 2009
A poor credit history can affect more than just your chances of obtaining credit: it can also make it difficult to get a regular bank account.... read more »

Getting a bad credit bank account

17 February 2009
If you have a poor credit rating, then you might be worried about being refused for a bank account.... read more »

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