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I need help with money - what should I do?

25 September 2021
If you're looking for help with your money, you could start by making a budget and seeing how much help you actually need.... read more »

Vintage clothing: it doesn't cost the earth

31 August 2021
Vintage clothing can be high quality, eco-friendly and even fit in with current fashions.... read more »

Could keeping track of energy consumption save you money?

13 July 2021
Age UK Enterprises has published research that looks at energy usage in the home over the last 60 years. ... read more »

Are you being savvy with your spending?

5 July 2021
Over 1.4 million a month - more than 17 million a year - is wasted by people across Britain on unnecessary spending, according to Bright Grey's Financial Safety Net Report. ... read more »

21 money-saving ideas for your car

22 June 2021
Your car is probably the second-most expensive purchase you'll make in your lifetime, after a house, so here are 21 simple money-saving ideas for car owners.... read more »

Vouchers and discounts could make your bank account stretch further

20 June 2021
We'd all like our money to stretch further, especially at a time when it seems like everything's getting more expensive. And in recent years we've seen the different ways people are trying to get more out of the money in their bank account - such as switching to 'own brand' items in the supermarket, or buying in bulk. ... read more »

Half of Brits will stay in the UK this summer

6 June 2021
A foreign holiday is a luxury that many British people cannot afford, according to research by M&S Money. ... read more »

36 easy steps to cheaper food!

16 May 2021
Here are 36 easy ways to save money on your food bill, from ethical savings to savings that can help your waistline. Your food doesn't have to cost the earth!... read more »

50 quick tips to save money while travelling

9 May 2021
50 quick money-saving tips to help you get more for less when you're travelling.... read more »

50 ways to save money on your wedding

4 May 2021
Get your priorities right and you can have the wedding of your dreams - without spending a fortune.... read more »

Weekend breaks on a budget

27 April 2021
Here are some top tips on how to have a weekend away on a shoestring.... read more »

Do you need insurance for your water pipes?

Consumer group Which? is highlighting that third-party pipe insurance promoted by water companies is usually unnecessary. It says water companies have their own water pipe repair schemes that are free and that most homeowners have home insurance that covers burst pipes anyway. ... read more »

Is debt your priority?

2 April 2021
Different people save money in different ways. How do you do it - and are there any ways you could do it better?... read more »

'Uphill struggle' for savers could put many at risk of debt

13 February 2021
If there's one good thing we can take from the financial crisis of the last few years, it's that many people's attitudes towards their finances have improved. Many more of us are putting money aside - which could save us a great deal of hassle in a financial emergency.... read more »

Christmas can be enjoyable AND affordable

21 December 2011
Think a good Christmas is always an expensive Christmas? Think again. Financial solutions company Think Money has been offering its tips on how families can enjoy the special time of year without feeling the effects for months to come.... read more »

Making the most of your budget

20 July 2011
In times like these, how can you make your money stretch further? A few ideas that could help you save money on a monthly basis.... read more »

Is it worth saving?

5 January 2010
Savings have always been an important part of our finances. Pensions provide a long-term income for later life, while savings accounts in general provide security and protection against unexpected costs. However, the way the economy has moved over the past year has discouraged many people from saving. But it`s important to understand that saving can, and should, still be an important part of managing your money.... read more »

Almost three quarters of Brits `cutting back on car costs`

8 April 2009
70% of Britons are taking steps to reduce their motoring costs, according to a new report from Saga.... read more »

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