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How do you feel about 'the end of free banking'?

3 October 2021
There has been a lot of debate about 'free banking' recently. Some have argued that charging a transparent fee for all bank accounts will make banking fairer by putting an end to hidden charges. Others disagree. ... read more »

Who would you trust to provide your bank account?

29 August 2021
Finding the right bank account is a priority for many of us. After all, it's the centrepoint of our finances - and at a time like this, making the most of your money is more important than ever. ... read more »

Simpler energy tariffs might not mean cheaper tariffs

6 July 2021
Consumer groups have come out in criticism of the government's plans to simplify energy tariffs, saying their plans will leave some people "much worse off", according to The Telegraph. ... read more »

27% 'could go into debt with energy bill by 2015'

30 May 2021
Price comparison website estimates that the average energy bill could reach 1,582 per year by 2015 if price rises carry on as they have done for the last eight years. ... read more »

Energy bills have risen 5x faster than income since 2004

18 May 2021
New research from has revealed that, since 2004, the cost of household energy has risen over five times faster than household income. ... read more »

53% of Brits say Budget will leave them worse off

23 March 2021
Over half of people in the UK (53%) say that Wednesday's Budget will leave them financially worse off, and 55% feel less confident about their finances as a result, new research from has revealed. ... read more »

Most consumers 'worried about winter energy bill'

3 February 2021
We may have had some mild weather this winter, but 85% of consumers are still worried about the day their winter energy bill lands on their doormat, according to research by read more »

EDF Energy cuts gas prices by 5%

12 January 2021
One of the UK's largest energy providers, EDF Energy, has announced that it's cutting its gas prices by 5% - which will knock 38 off the average dual fuel bill, according to ... read more »

Pay freezes 'common' as quarter worry about debt

12 January 2021
At a time when so many of us are concerned about our levels of debt, it's particularly worrying to see so few salaries rising. Recent figures indicate that two thirds of people have had their pay frozen over the last few years - and that a quarter of the population see their debts as something that's causing them concern. ... read more »

Christmas 'will send one quarter of us into debt'

21 December 2011
A recent survey by asked consumers whether they thought they'd end up in debt because of Christmas. Just over one quarter (27%) said they would. With so much pressure to spend at this time of year, it's possible that people feel pressure to borrow money for the 'perfect day'. ... read more »

Saving your wallet - or the planet?

4 October 2011
... read more »

EDF Energy announces price rises

16 September 2011
... read more »

62% of Brits wasting energy - and money

13 September 2011
62% of British people - equivalent to 30 million of us - are needlessly leaving electrical items on standby, putting a big drain on our energy use and budgets, according to new research by price comparison website read more »

'Going green': energy bills could rise 30% by 2020

6 September 2011
'Green' policies mean household energy bills could see a 30% increase by 2020, the Guardian reports.... read more »

Paying on plastic abroad: the cost of debt

29 July 2011
British holidaymakers risk racking up over 457 million in fees by using their credit card - or taking out cash with a debit card - when abroad, according to the independent comparison website read more »

Fuel poverty: a look at the figures

15 July 2011
New figures released yesterday by the Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) reveal that the number of households classed as 'fuel poor' increased to 5.5 million in 2009, hitting those aged 60 or over particularly hard, according to Age UK.... read more »

6.3 million households in fuel poverty

8 July 2011
6.3 million households in the UK are living in fuel poverty - amounting to nearly a quarter (24%) of all homes, new research by price comparison website has revealed.... read more »

Four million women amass 3,400 of debt shopping

25 August 2010
According to research by price comparison website uSwitch, four million British women have run up average debts of 3,400 as they aim to mirror the lifestyle of celebrities, The Telegraph reports.... read more »

1 in 5 turning to debt `to stay afloat`

15 June 2010
Almost 1 in 5 people are turning to debt just to stay on top of their living costs, according to a poll by, while 1 in 7 are struggling to make repayments to their debts. ... read more »

Energy customers cutting back to stay out of debt

3 February 2010
A leading energy supplier has reported that many people are using less energy than they used to.... read more »

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