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What happens when my mortgage deal ends?

18 June 2021
When your mortgage deal ends you have a few options. ... read more »

Many mortgage holders 'better off for reverting to variable rates'

4 November 2011
Most homeowners who have automatically moved onto their mortgage lender's 'standard variable rate' after finishing a fixed-rate deal are paying much less as a result, according to the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML).... read more »

Range of mortgages available 'up 96% in a year'

28 October 2011
Today's homebuyers have almost double the number of mortgage deals to choose from than just one year ago, according to research by Mortgage Brain.... read more »

Homeowners `losing touch with mortgage reality`

10 January 2011
According to tracking data from, today`s generation of mortgage holders is `rate-spoilt`.... read more »

Variable-rate home loan customers at risk of interest rate rises

4 January 2011
According to an article published in The Guardian, variable-rate home loan customers are at risk of interest rate rises.... read more »

Cost of debt about to rise?

24 August 2010
Interest rates could rise to 8% by 2021, according to a member of a think tank - something which could greatly increase the cost of repaying mortgages and other debts.... read more »

Fixed or variable? A note about mortgages...

22 March 2010
Fixed-rate mortgage or variable? It`s a question which chartered financial planner Tim Twiddy looks at, writing in The Press and Journal today. ... read more »

Lloyds doubles mortgage overpayment allowance

15 March 2010
Lloyds Banking Group is to launch a new scheme allowing its variable-rate mortgage customers to `overpay` by up to 20% without incurring any financial penalty.... read more »

SVR mortgage borrowers `could benefit from switching`

9 February 2010
Moneysupermarket has advised that hundreds of thousands of borrowers currently paying their lenders` SVR (Standard Variable Rate) could benefit from switching to a new deal, according to read more »

Bank of England base rate remains at 0.5%

4 February 2010
The Bank of England has kept its base rate at 0.5%, amidst continued uncertainty in the economy.... read more »

Popularity of variable-rate mortgages increases

21 January 2010
According to mortgage broker John Charcol, 81% of all mortgages it arranged in December were variable-rate mortgages, the BBC reports.... read more »

Cost of mortgage debt stays relatively high

20 August 2009
The average rate on a new mortgage is 1.3% lower than this time last year despite a 4.5% drop in the Bank of England`s base rate, The Times reports.... read more »

Good time to overpay debt as base rate remains low

5 June 2009
Yesterday, the Bank of England announced that the base rate would remain at 0.5%, which is good news for many people with mortgages.... read more »

Which type of mortgage is right for me?

29 April 2009
If you`re looking for a mortgage and wondering which type of mortgage deal you should go for, there`s no point just thinking about the present. A mortgage is a long-term commitment, and you`ll need to think about what`s likely to happen to your finances - and the UK`s - for a number of years into the future.... read more »

Home loans for people in negative equity

15 April 2009
Two major home loan providers are now offering mortgages to existing customers who are in negative equity.... read more »

Mortgage rates rise ahead of base rate announcement

4 March 2009
One mortgage lender has raised its mortgage rates, with other lenders expected to follow, ahead of this week`s base rate announcement by the Bank of England, The Times reports.... read more »

Mortgage rates - what are my options?

6 February 2009
All mortgages charge interest, but different mortgages do it in different ways. Some deals may offer greater savings but greater risks, while others might offer higher mortgage rates today - but no danger of price increases tomorrow.... read more »

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